Designing and 3d modeling

Our solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors involve engineer designs combined with engineer graphics, which gain an innovative dimension thanks to the computer assistance. In the process of developing our products, we use 3D technology, which has a significant influence on efficiency and allows to save time and resources. Also, we create specialised documentation, taking into account all the essential details to enable our client reconstructing the process of creating the product in the future. The range of our services includes:

In the field of design, we usually receive inquiries about:

Engineering design


Prototype modeling

Machine design

The full range of our design services includes:


  • creating 3D documentation as well as accurate technical drawings of the products on the basis of the hand drawing or the conception presented by a client
  • verification and optimisation of the product’s project in order to improve quality, functionality, and applied properties
  • designing the devices of a specialised intended use
  • designing prototypical devices (together with the execution of prototypes or product samples)
  • designing the dedicated devices on a special order
  • designing technological devices
  • designing parts for existing machines
  • designing specialised tools, including moulding forms, injection forms for plastics, rubber, and metal, as well as punching die, the press-forming die, aluminium die plate, and specialised tools
  • modification and modernisation of existing machines and devices of any intended use
  • creating 2D documentation
  • 3D modelling (mainly in Solid Works)
  • creating 3D models on the grounds of the available 2D documentation
  • visualisation, animation and rendering
  • creating technical and engineering documentation and manual
  • designing mechatronic, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems
  • rapid prototyping – fast manufacturing of prototypes
  • reverse engineering – 3D scanning
  • endurance analysis, calculations, simulations of processes, heat balances of circulations
  • designing and installation of a cable bundle
  • other services – depending on the customer’s needs

Construction of machines and tool

Specialists working in our company are the best experts in Poland, which makes them combine work with great knowledge and passion, and they feel responsible for each of the implemented projects, which is why we guarantee the highest quality of performed orders.

In the field of construction, we usually receive inquiries about:

Mechanical engineering


Construction of tools and devices

Design of technological lines

The full range of our construction services includes:


  • modernization of machines and industrial equipment
  • preparation of DTR documentation and operating instructions
  • other

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Designing & Mechanical Engineering