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Square Sphere Technology is a design company that aims at creating innovative solutions that support the work and development of entities in the commercial and industrial sectors. Our paramount asset is the technological and intellectual potential, that meets requirements of the modern market, while our skills are based on ever-expanding knowledge and wealth of experience.

In Square Sphere Technology, we introduce new technological solutions, create highly complex equipment and devices and thereby increase competitiveness of the companies provide services for


Our solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors involve engineer designs combined with engineer graphics, which gain an innovative dimension thanks to the computer assistance.


The specialists who work for our company are among Poland’s best experts in the field, which results in combining broad knowledge and passion.


In response to the needs of production companies, we offer automation and robotisation of production processes, starting from support in designing project to its execution.


We have at our disposal computer systems which successfully facilitate the product manufacturing as well as the whole production technology.


Extensive experience and capabilities of our company allow the realisation of innovative solutions and, primarily, polishing every order in the smallest detail.


CE (Conformité Européenne) is a mark placed on a product by a manufacturer denoting that the product meets the requirements of the European Union.

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Square Sphere Technology

We offer well-tried and comprehensive solutions from a wide range of specialised services. We successfully undertake the implementation of complex projects whose particular elements are developed and implemented by our top-grade specialists. We reach out to customers’ expectations, supporting activities which aim at increasing productivity, effectiveness and infrastructure reliability as well as improving functioning of various processes.