Dla firmy Solar Networks mieliśmy przyjemność zaprojektować od podstaw uniwersalny kontener, który jest wyposażony w szereg uniwersalnych ram z panelami solarnymi. Całość nosi nazwę Mobilnego Kontenera Solarnego (MSC), a więcej o nim można znaleźć na stronie:

Dzięki uniwersalności zaprojektowanych przez nas ram wyposażonych w panele fotowoltaiczne klient posiada możliwość dowolnej konfiguracji dostępnej mocy uzyskiwanej z paneli fotowoltaicznych w zakresie od 7,2 kW do 36kW dla tej wielkości kontenera.



A carburetor type AK02 is a new, innovative, patented product dedicated for use in speedway motorcycles. The carburetor is an atomizer type carburetor with a constant level of fuel, downdraught. Its construction is as simple as possible, equipped with several innovative solutions for the orifice of the air inlet, a main jet and a throttle. The construction is majorly defined by the applicable speedway technical regulations. Thus, the control of the composition of the fuel-air mixture is done in a mechanical way – for the technical regulations prohibit any electronics in the control of power supply of the engine by air-fuel mixture.

Carburetor type AK02 differs from its Swedish predecessor Blixt in many key details significant for this type of sport. Carburetor type AK02 is better especially considering the performance of the engine. It is particularly emphasized that even though engines in both carburetors have very similar characteristics, the characteristics of the engine powered by AK02 carburetor are definitely above the characteristics of the same engine powered by Blixt carburetor. Therefore, using AK02 carburetor allows us to obtain an additional increase in torque, and consequently an increase in the engine power.

Performance is not everything, AK02 carburetor is much more functional, easier and faster to use / adjust, hence by buying the AK02 carburetor the client/rider receives a product that improves performance and at the same time is easier to use. The solutions implemented in the AK02 carburetor allow to adjust the carburetor in a faster and safer way. It also should be noted that not only does the AK02 carburetor increase the power, but also improves fuel economy and decreases exhaust emission.

A substantial advantage and potentiality of AK02 carburetor is that it can be adapted to other combustion engines. In such cases, you may also get tempted to equip it with electronic control of the mixture composition, which will simplify it in a mechanical way even more as well as enable the perfect control of engine powering.



For Delkar company, we render services of designing punching dies and press tools of multiple use, tailored to client needs.



For Astromet, LLC we constructed a plethora of welding machines that enable expediting the process of merging all elements. Our machines facilitate faster and more precise positioning of welding elements, what makes the final project cheaper in execution and its quality top-grade. Welding elements in specialised machines allows you to count on a significant repeatability in the production process as well as that the particular part will be made precisely as described in technical documentation. Below, we present a few pictures that depict one of our realisations. In order to see 3D model in Adobe Reader, click the link located beside the picture, that will allow you to download and browse 3D model of this example realisation.



For the order of Dobrowolski, LLC, the pioneering manufacturer of goods in motor industry (particularly of truck bodies) we created an executive documentation for body parts of airport cleaning machines VAMMAS.
The range of our services included creating 2D documentation to the provided model.



For Pro Technology we created a series of components of tables used for cable bundle installation. Mainly, there were elements made of plastic, which enabled testing of connections in the bundle at the mounting-testing table.



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